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Physical Therapy

"Setting new standards for the medical care and guidance that athletes have been long seeking from the medical community.'



Growing up as an athlete who aspired to play at a high level, competing and excelling in sport was what I dedicated all of my energy into.  Unfortunately the path and growth of an athlete isn't a straight progressive one.  At the age of 13 my body started breaking down and I found myself frequently incurring injuries all the way through high school and college, with no guidance from coaches, trainers and medical professionals besides "rest and and ice" or "just play through it."

I usually choose to try and play, and although I was able to perform, even if only at a fraction of my ability, I later recognized as years went by that those injuries I never addressed appropriately were all becoming chronic issues and limited my ability to move effectively without pain or discomfort. 

As I progressed with my studies and reflected on my athletic experiences, I started to understand my injuries and how and why they happened. I noticed it was a lot more than just bad luck. My movement patterns and functional strength were inadequate to withstand the physical stresses I was requiring it to produce to perform at the level I wanted to.

As a health care profession we have become very good at analyzing movement and diagnosing functional impairments.  Categorizing individuals and providing guidelines for treatment based on their diagnosis with no regard for the demands of their sport and helping the patient understand why the event occurred and what needs to be addressed by both the patient and practitioner so that there is a safe and effective return to sport.

Provide better care for athletes so that they can return to what they love without the ramifications of not receiving the appropriate treatment.

Understand- Understand your injury, how it occurred, how to manage it and how to return to activity safely and effectively

Relieve- Decrease pain and aliments associated with injury

Re-educate- Your body how to work again.  (In the event of physical trauma our bodies are designed to go into protective mode.  This results in pain and inflammation, but also impaired motor function with decreased muscle strength and rate of and strength decrease significantly which adds to decreased function and development of compensatory movement patterns to move) Following an injury, every individual needs to relearn how to function properly again. Not only is this crucial with their recovery time, but also with their long term physical and athletic development as an athlete. 

Reproduce- To insure a successful treatment prior to returning to competition, each patient should be able to reproduce the appropriate movement patterns that their sport demands with an understanding of what is expected of them.

Do you feel like the medical system is working against you instead of with you?

Have you ever felt afraid to go to the doctors because it's a waste of time and you usually walk out of the office just as confused as when you walked in?


Have you ever hidden and injury,  because you were afraid that the dr. would say that you couldn't play?

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